What is Coasteering

Coasteering is an exciting and very complete tourism, sport and leisure activity, that brings together several sport modalities that can take place in the coastal-marine strip (mainly zones of cliffs); activities like Kayaking, Stand up Paddle (SUP), Hiking, Visits to Caves from sea or land, Snorkel, Climbing, Rapel, Psicobloc or Jumps of different heights to the sea. One does not have to do all activities at the same time, but a combination of them according to the possibilities, the interests of the coast, the interest of the participants or their level.

Coasteering is getting to know the coast (the border between the strip of land and sea) in a deep, close, meticulous way, from a perspective that other modalities alone do not reach.

From TUUR we are innovating in this sport, we have added new modalities and we have given more sense to Coasteering as it is known today. We have looked for programs adapted to all audiences and interests to discover the most beautiful and unreachable landscapes with other modalities and enjoy a unique experience.


FAMILIES: This is the profile of participants who most like to do this sport. Families love to discover and learn together. The ideal age to start is 7-8 years old accompanied by parents. Kayaking along the cliffs and entering the caves that splashes the coast, is already an overwhelming experience, and if we add the diving we will dream all night with the transparent and turquoise sea. You can do jumps (which are always optional) adapted to the preferences of everyone, from 2m, 3m, or 5m.

WHOEVER WOULD LIKE TO ENJOY THE BEST EXPERIENCES OF THE ISLAND: Groups of friends, nature lovers, people looking for different experiences, exclusive landscapes or adrenaline. This is an activity for everyone and everyone will seek pleasure to what he/she likes most, whether kayaking, visiting the beautiful caves with their pools of crystal clear water or diving or climbing or jumping, or just everything, why not!

TEAM BUILDING and INCENTIVES: We special programs adapted to these groups with games and dynamics at sea, teamwork and fun competitions, whether in kayak or Stand up Paddle.

SCHOOL PROGRAMMES: We do school outings in kayak to get to know the places on the coast that we cannot reach on foot or by swimming, to visit the most beautiful and fascinating caves. It is an adventure and also educational.

HEN AND STAG PARTIES: If you’re looking for a little adrenaline and get out of the ordinary, we can also create a different experience for you. Always adapted to your possibilities and your level we can make jumps of up to 9 meters if you show that you have a good balance. Laughter is guaranteed.


We believe that Menorca cannot be known in its entirety without Coasteering. The best of Menorca are its coasts, its turquoise and crystal clear waters. And Menorca has learned how to preserve its coasts, its millenary landscapes without the trace of urbanism and real estate speculation. Its coasts and cliffs are 99% virgin, and in our opinion it has the best beaches and cliffs of all the islands and the peninsula, taking into account the wonders we can find in Mallorca, the coasts of Alicante, Asturias, Cádiz or Málaga. (…). Menorca has made us fall in love and for that reason we want you to enjoy these natural treasures from a near and respectful way.


The kayak brings us closer to the most inaccessible places of the coast and the cliffs, places that the own approach on foot or dexterity is not possible. In the same way the kayak helps us to travel long distances in a short time being our provisioning center, our floating island for resting or the viewpoint that allows us thousands of views and possibilities.

Thus Kayak and Coasteering form a perfect symbiosis giving us infinite possibilities instead of limiting us to specific places, the best places are within our reach.


The Coasteering or Coastering (with spelling error) happened like many other things, by chance and the need to meet another goal. In this case surfers from the coast of Wales in search of the best waves had to climb and jump from cliffs to reach these special places, the perfect waves. And hey… that was fun too! almost as much as surfing!! Here’s how the Coasteering started in the 1970s.

And it is not until this decade that begun to be popular, to find more and more curious, lovers and adepts to this sport. With good reason, Coasteering offers great and very complete opportunities to know the best of the coasts, having fun in a very different way.


The equipment to take to the Coasteering is the sum of the equipments of each one of the modalities that we will do in the tour.

Climbing, Psicobloc and Rappel: Ropes, Carabiners or equipment to make natural anchors, Helmet, Harness, Closed Footwear, Cat’s Feet, and others specific to sport, classic or artificial climbing and regulated Vest.

Kayak | Stand up Paddle (SUP): Kayak, Board, Oars, Life Jacket, Waterproof Boats, Radio, Beacons (…)

Snorkelling or diving: Goggles and snorkel, fins, buoy signalling (…)

General Equipment: Depending on the temperature of the sea you will need neoprene or not, but you must always have a first aid kit, radio or mobile if we have coverage without forgetting other important elements that every sportsman or mountain lover should have in his equipment (appropriate clothing, knife, front-piles, auxiliary rope, sunscreen, water, food …), have basic knowledge of the activity and common sense.

Keep in mind that as in all sports there are weather conditions on land or at sea that make it very difficult to perform activities safely. Be cautious and avoid situations in which you are not prepared or are simply unfeasible. The knowledge of the sea, the natural environment in which we are, coastal areas and mostly cliffs is essential to make wise decisions or fully enjoy this sport. An activity that in principle can be simple can be complicated if we are not closely advised.

Having the experience of a local guide assures a successful adventure in all senses, not only do we talk about safety but you will also make the most of years of accumulated local experiences.