Ciutadella, what to do and how to get to Ciutadella from Menorca


Ciutadella is possibly the most visited town and surely the most beautiful and interesting on the island, it is also in this area where you can find access to the most famous and most visited beaches like Cala Turqueta, Son Saura, Talaier or Macarella and Macarelleta

Ciutadella is a town with a lot of history, its historical centre is perfect for a quiet walk, getting lost in its narrow, cobbled medieval streets and discovering small houses, palaces of the old nobility, the imposing Cathedral of Menorca, small shops with typical products of the island, and taking some pictures overlooking the small and charming port.

Even if you are not staying in this town you have to visit it, you can’t miss it! In the old Plaza de Armas “Es Born” you will find one of the best and most spacious squares on the islands. The most striking feature is the obelisk in memory of the 16th century Turkish invasion that almost destroyed the entire town. There are several palaces surrounding this square and you can have a breakfast or a coffee in the bar “l’Imperi” very typical among the local people. But you can also have breakfast in the casino of “Es Born”, next to the wonderful theatre, enjoying the wonderful view of the port. And when you’ve enjoyed your morning coffee, pay a visit to the Town Hall building, the former Governor’s palace built on the Muslim “Qasr” which had its own wall separated from the rest of the city.

It is the perfect place to start the itinerary of the maritime walk, enjoy the sunset and, while you enjoy the views, you will surely be able to distinguish from there the silhouette of the mountains of the Tramontana of the island of Mallorca that are right in front of you.

Opposite Plaza Es Born, you have the main street of the old city of Ciutadella that leads you directly to the centre. There you will find the most captivating urban landscapes of this thousand-year-old city; old palaces, small churches, the narrow streets and a lot of atmosphere no matter what time it is. The street “Ses Voltes” is also famous because of its unique arches, just after passing by the Cathedral. You can take advantage and buy a small sweet in the bakery “El Diamante” or the “Pastelería Moll” two classics in this area.

The square “Del Mercat” is another place with a special charm. The center of this square is the fish market, with a building with a special architecture surrounded by a building with arches, accompanied in front of the stalls of butchers all in a building that shares architecture and style. Around it you will find different fruit shops with local Menorcan produce and several cafes which makes it a special environment with a unique charm with that mixture of smells and textures.The port of Ciutadella offers you different atmospheres, if you want to eat fresh, tapas, or a drink during the night you have chillouts and discos if you dare.


Things you can’t miss about Ciutadella:

·         Festivals of Sant Joan: if you happen to be on 23 and 24 June you can not miss and see these festivals with much history and tradition being the horse and the gentleman the central elements. The events are located all over the area of the historical centre of the town. During these festivities many visitors come but we recommend it because of how interesting and beautiful this celebration can be. As a tip we recommend you to leave the car in the outskirts and walk to the centre because you will find the whole centre closed. Due to the covid these festivities, which are one of the most important icons of Cuitadella, have been postponed until the restrictions are lifted. Hopefully very soon.

·         Take a photo in the Port of Ciutadella: In the Muradeta street there is an excellent view where you can take a photo with the background of the port of Ciutadella, one of the most photographed.

·         Visit the Mill: the mill of the village has been restored recently, with the totally new blades it is quite impressive as it is in the centre of the village. It is also a cafeteria where you can have a coffee or a good breakfast.

·         Lunch or dinner: You should try to visit the restaurant El Balear or have some tapas in the bar “El Tritón” which is right in the harbour with an unbeatable atmosphere.

·         Visit the Cathedral. Right in the centre of Ciutadella’s old town

·         See the sunset at the end of the Sant Nicolas promenade where you will have the silhouette of Mallorca in the background.

·         Visit to Lithica: It is an old quarry of the typical Minorcan stone for construction, El Marés. Today it is a special place where concerts and events are held, as well as being a historical monument.


If you are in Ciutadella, you can obviously take advantage of the opportunity to visit the beaches that we have mentioned above (Cala Turqueta, Son Saura, Talaier ou Macarella et Macarelleta) as they are the most famous, but if you also want to enjoy different activities, you can discover the coast and the charms in an intimate and exclusive way. Coasteering in Menorca is something new and is an active way to discover hidden corners of the coast. Discover the hidden caves in the cliffs, go kayaking, snorkeling to discover the seabed and jump from various heights into the sea if you are adrenaline junkies… (jumps are always optional, from 3 to 9 meters).

At Coasteering Menorca we offer you two very interesting routes near Ciutadella. So you can enjoy a day of culture and adventure. Depending on the wind you can do the route Cala Morell – Algaiarens (link) or do the route Cala’n Blanes – Pont D’en Gil (link) two different options each with its own charm and of course with the fun experience of Coasteering in Menorca (link to article What is Coasteering), something different and unique on the island.

The route Cala Morell (link) is located in the north which will allow you to discover a different landscape to the south which is perhaps the best known of Menorca. The north offers you a more abrupt landscape, with more cliffs and a different colour of the sea. The beaches tend to have thicker sand, some are whiter but most are a darker color.

 Closer to the beach is the Cala Blanes exit (link), a residential area in the western part of Ciutadella. From here you can discover a little known area with caves and a route to the “pont d’en Gil” a natural rock bridge carved into the cliff over the millennia.

With all this we hope to have helped you a little to know and to have some minimum references to be able to visit and to experience all that Ciutadella can offer you, for sure you will enjoy it and you will not regret all that you will be able to discover in this zone. 

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